2900 West Sample Road  |    Pompano Beach, Florida 33073
Mon.- Fri. 9:30am - 5pm  |    Sat. & Sun. 9:30am - 6pm
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Specials and Sales

Festival Times

The Festival Times is available inside the Festival at each mall entrance. Check out many specials and advertisements from many of our merchants, as well as this month's sale items in the Festival Frenzy sale, plus exciting information about events held this month at the mall.

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  • This South Florida shopping paradise is a quarter-mile long and features over 500 shops & restaurants. Nowhere else can you feel the energy and excitement of an open-air, old-world market indoors as in the Festival Flea Market Mall. There are many shopping opportunities including flea markets but none like the Festival Flea Market Mall-Pompano Beach Florida.
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    We offer one-of-a kind business opportunities. If you are interested in our business opportunities, please click here for more information.

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    The Festival Flea Market Mall has advertised on television for many years. View our archive at the Festival Video Gallery.